Portfolio Diversification
Our role is to provide high-quality C&I loan opportunities that offer portfolio diversification with respect to loan type, borrower industry, and interest rate risk.
Member Loan Referrals
BancAlliance members can refer loans exceeding their individual hold size to the network, allowing members to retain valuable relationships while addressing a borrower’s growing needs.
Increased Profitability
Participation in BancAlliance can increase a member’s earnings and return on equity. Loans sourced through the network allow members to supplement local loan demand and redeploy excess liquidity. Members typically utilize BancAlliance for 5-10% of their asset strategy.
We operate as a dedicated asset manager and are accountable to our members, who control the BancAlliance Board of Directors. We purchase and hold a portion of every loan we close on our members’ behalf.
Lending Expertise
Our team of experienced C&I lenders works closely with our members to ensure they have all the tools necessary for thorough underwriting of each loan sourced through the network. The team provides analysis, documentation, support, and training to support all lending decisions. We also provide loan servicing throughout the full credit life cycle, allowing members to continuously monitor loans sourced through the network.
BancAlliance connects members to community banking colleagues throughout the country through member meetings, held twice a year, where members discuss and direct the network’s activities.

BancAlliance At-A-Glance