Loan Screen Initial Asset Profile (IAP) Credit Committee Memo (CCM)
Preliminary Evaluation

Detailed Review

Formal Evaluation
(shown to memeber banks)
Loans Approved
Loans rejected due to creditworthiness of borrower, capital structure, covenants, industry, recent bankruptcy, headline risk Loans rejected due to financial performance, customer / supplier concentrations, competitve positioning, low recovery value, cyclicality, not having clear lien on assets Loans rejected due to commodity / regulatory / legislative risks that can't be mitigated, loan structure, execution risk, business valuation, courses of exit Only 5% of all loans evaluated by AlliancePartners have recommended to the BancAlliance members

Our Credit Approach

  • Underwriting Approach

    Loans are sourced through multiple channels and then subject to a rigorous underwriting process.

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  • Selectivity Metrics

    Approximately 10% of loans screened on behalf of BancAlliance will make it through the underwriting .

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  • Sample Loan Opportunities

    Look at two loans funded by BancAlliance members in 2012 .

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