Loan Origination Sources Loan Screen Initial Asset Profile
Credit Committee Memo (CCM)

Preliminary Evaluation

  • Third-Party Organization
  • Club Lending
  • Select Direct Organizations
  • Member Bank Referrals
  • Partnerships

Loans rejected due to creditworthiness of borrower, capital structure, covenants, industry, recent bankruptcy, quality of management, headline risk

Detailed Review

Loans rejected due to financial performance, customer / supplier concentrations, competitive positioning, low recovery value, cyclicality, lack of clear lien on assets

Formal Evaluation
(shown to member banks)

Loans rejected due to commodity / regulatory / legislative risks that can’t be mitigated, loan structure, execution risk, business valuation, courses of exit

Loans Approved

Less than 20% of all loans evaluated by Alliance Partners have been recommended to the BancAlliance membership