Consumer Loan Program

We offer programs with LendingClub and Marlette, leading consumer lenders, to provide community banks access to user-friendly lending platforms. Members are able to participate in consumer credit through these platforms without having to maintain the expensive infrastructure and processes that such lending requires. The program is designed to enable member banks, often seeking higher yields and loan portfolio diversification, to add consumer loans to their balance sheets.

Program Options

LendingClub is America’s largest online credit marketplace, and the first marketplace bank connecting borrowers and investors. LendingClub facilitates billions in loans each year, offering institutional investors a long track record, the longest data set in the industry, sophisticated risk management, and easy-to-use tools to build and modify loan portfolios.

Marlette is a leading financial technology company whose has developed and operate the Best Egg financial platform, which aims to help people feel more confident about their everyday finances. The team mixes decades of banking experience with deep customer knowledge and smart technology to deliver digital products, services, and experiences in a more relevant way. Since March 2014, the platform has delivered over $15 billion of consumer loans.

Benefits of the BancAlliance Consumer Lending Programs

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Efficiency & Support Services

BancAlliance facilitates the extensive due diligence process required by the partnership, and helps ensure program participants stay current on vendor management responsibilities.

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Lending & Compliance Expertise

BancAlliance has developed a full-service program that provides ongoing education, reporting and monitoring both at the program and individual participant level.

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Loan Portfolio Diversification

Purchase a diversified portfolio of high credit-quality consumer loans.

To date, BancAlliance member banks have purchased over $1.5 billion of consumer loans through the Consumer Loan Program.

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Strong Network

BancAlliance facilitates regular dialogue between program participants, allowing for the constant sharing of best practices.