Small Business Loan Program

We work with leading small business lenders to provide community banks access to a bank-friendly lending platform. Members are able to purchase a diversified portfolio of small business loans without having to maintain the expensive infrastructure and processes that such lending requires. The program is designed to enable member banks, often seeking higher yields and loan portfolio diversification, to add pools of small business loans to their balance sheets.

Benefits of the BancAlliance Small Business Program


BancAlliance facilitates the extensive due diligence process required by the partnership and helps ensure program participants stay current on vendor management responsibilities. Our partners originate all loans and sell to participating BancAlliance members subject to a pre-approved credit box.

Benefits of BancAlliance Scale

As a member of BancAlliance, program participants benefit from the scale and size of BancAlliance as a partner. Additionally, there is opportunity for regular dialogue between program participants, allowing for the sharing of best practices and diligence.