Industry Knowledge

Recent Coverage of Growth in Leveraged Lending Market

Strong growth in the leveraged lending market has been addressed recently both by Regulators and the press. The May 2019 Federal Reserve Financial Stability Report [1] (the “Report”) highlights that […]

Update on LIBOR

As you may be aware, there has been discussion in the news about replacing LIBOR in 2021.  Please see below for an update on the current situation and our assessment […]

The CECL Challenge: Are You Ready?

CECL will have a wide-ranging impact on financial institutions’ allowance processes; experts recommend getting a head start on developing that holistic approach.

Behind the Scenes: Tennessee State Bank

Congratulations to our fellow member Tennessee State Bank, who recognized the changing needs of their customers and, in response, executed a well-researched plan to bring their consumer lending capabilities up to the millennial approved standard.

Sheboygan Shakedown: Why LIBOR Matters

Five years ago, a small bank that almost no one had ever heard of launched an epic battle against three of the largest financial institutions in the world for their role in facilitating a crisis that began more than a thousand miles away.